The Social Impact Enterprise Lab (SEIL) was launched in 2020 by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) Swinburne with support from Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation and Family Life. SEIL was a prototype online evaluation tool, driven by action research with five local social enterprises and feedback from more than 20 organisations. We thank all those involved for their contribution to SEIL.

Please be aware that SEIL is no longer operating. If you would like to learn more about or track your organisation's social impact, Seedkit is a recently developed online platform that builds upon the work and knowledge of SEIL. Seedkit is free to use and enables social enterprise to measure, track and communicate their operations and impact. Seedkit was created by CSI Swinburne and Melbourne Social Equity Institute, with funding support from the Victoria State Government, and co-designed with more than 30 Victorian social enterprises.

Our thanks again to all involved in SEIL. Please contact [address only viewable when Javascript enabled] if you have any queries.